Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Glacée is on the Hunt for Artists

Over here at Glacée, we're trying to gather together some more artists who would be interested in filling our magazine with some lovely Lolita art. So if you're an artist, email us at with some of your art! We're on the look out for all skill levels, just so long as it fits the Lolita aesthetic somehow, we're also on the look out for both Glacée exclusive art, and art that's already been shown off in your personal gallery. If you are interested in contributing Glacée exclusive art, let us know! Send us a link to your gallery, or some samples of your art, and we might have something specific we would love to see some art of. We're always looking for people to illustrate articles!

We would love to see all kinds of art, from portraits, to doodles, to comics, to cute dividers! If you do have art to send us, please try to send us the largest size possible, since we'll be printing at 300 dpi.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Want Your Ad In Glacée?

Glacée is looking for Advertising Partners!

We're looking for lolita-centric businesses to advertise in our magazine. Have a shopping service, Etsy shop, brick-and-mortar store, or something completely different? We want you to advertise in Glacée!

Glacée: A Maiden's Primer is an independent lolita magazine set to come out this summer!

We, the lovely ladies behind-the-scenes, are not looking to make any money off of this project. The first issue will be Print-On-Demand just for that reason. However, we will need to order proofs (to make sure everything looks right in the final printed edition), as well as pay for website hosting and some special surprises to go along with the issue's release.

The best way we've come up with to off-set these costs is to allow you, the independent lolita businessperson, to buy ad space! We don't want Glacée to be like just any mainstream magazine, so ads will be limited to a certain number and to certain places in the issue.

"Small" ad spaces will measure about 2" high by 3.5" wide (about the size of a business card), be grouped in either full- or half-page spreads, and cost $5 each. "Large" ad spaces will be half-pages, approximately 5" tall by 7" wide and cost $15 each. There will only be a handful of large ads, but plenty of space for small ads.

If you think you may be interested in purchasing an ad space, or would like more information, please email us at

When you email, we'll ask for links to your shop/business and let you know the logistical requirements (exact size, resolution, etc.) of the space. Templates are available for those who would like them.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us! That address again is!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Glacée Is On The Hunt For More Aricles!

First up, I just want to send out a huge thank you to everyone that's emailed us, commented on our posts, reblogged us on Tumblr, and just generally be as excited as we are about this project!

We're still on the perpetual hunt for material to include in our debut issue, and we'll be making occasional posts on this blog to showcase one particular thing or another that we could really use an article or two about! This week I would love to get at least one historical essay for the magazine. As Lolitas, we are often greatly influenced by trends of the past, and because of that a lot of us tend to be at least a little bit of history buffs. Personally, I love reading about the way things were! So if you have an essay to submit about absolutely anything, from Medieval architecture, to Rococo art, to Victorian etiquette, we would love to read it and maybe publish it in Glacée! If you do have a full-length historical essay for us, please email it to us at!

For those of you who want to contribute something, but don't have a full length article for us, feel free to leave a comment here answering this questions "What was your best Lolita find at a thrift store?". Maybe it was a gorgeous vintage skirt, the perfect cardigan to match your newest outfit, or perhaps you were one of the lucky few to find real brand at a thrift store. If you've got a picture of your best find, even better! Your answer and picture could be featured in Glacée!

Edit: I should add, since I think it's caused a little bit of confusion, we're always on the lookout for any article you might be interested in writing! The requests put up on this blog are just suggestions for those thinking of submitting something but are unsure of what to write! So just because we're on the hunt for a good historical article now doesn't mean that all other entries are closed! We're still open for any submissions and will be until well into the month of May!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Unveiling of Glacée

Well, it's official! The secret's out of the bag and Glacée has been formally announced! If you're interested in submitting art, photos, creative writing, articles, or anything else, please check out our contribute content page. If you run a Lolita friendly shop, blog, or organization and would like to be advertised in our magazine, we're still working out some kinks about how to go about doing so, but keep an eye out on this page and send us an email letting us know you're interested.

For those of you too shy to go out of your way and email us, consider commenting here with an answer to the question "What does Lolita mean to you?" and your response could be featured in the next issue! We plan on having a few more of these reader responses posted to this blog periodically, so be sure to add this blog to your blogroll!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Welcome to Glacée Online

Hello and welcome to the online hub of Glacée: A Maiden's Primer, a magazine dedicated to living elegantly, both within the Lolita fashion and without.

Please bear with us as we get the blog, and the debut issue of the magazine, up and running!