Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Unveiling of Glacée

Well, it's official! The secret's out of the bag and Glacée has been formally announced! If you're interested in submitting art, photos, creative writing, articles, or anything else, please check out our contribute content page. If you run a Lolita friendly shop, blog, or organization and would like to be advertised in our magazine, we're still working out some kinks about how to go about doing so, but keep an eye out on this page and send us an email letting us know you're interested.

For those of you too shy to go out of your way and email us, consider commenting here with an answer to the question "What does Lolita mean to you?" and your response could be featured in the next issue! We plan on having a few more of these reader responses posted to this blog periodically, so be sure to add this blog to your blogroll!


  1. Congratulations on the magazine announcement!!

    Well, I am tempted to answer the question, since I love talking about lolita.

    What does Lolita mean to me?

    For me, Lolita is more than a fashion, it means a style of life. Behind the dresses, which I find beautiful, lies my desire of transforming reality into fantasy. You could call it daydreaming, but it is more than that. It is living in this world, without losing sight of Wonderland, and having both world combined.

    Lolita is also my way of showing the world that women do not need to show a lot of skin to look simply gorgeous. I find far more appealing a Classic Lolita than a model in underwear.

    For me, Lolita was almost destiny. I have always loved fantasy, Alice in Wonderland, dresses, the Victorian Era, classical music and ball-jointed dolls. Lolita puts this altogether to form my very own Wonderland.

    I am still what the call "A Lolita at Heart" (a Lolita without clothes), I feel the Lolita way every second of my life, listening to Claire de Lune, while I read Queen of the Damned and eat chocolate cupcakes. But it is not enough; I want to feel the dresses just as if they were my second skin.


  2. I am a newbie Lolita, and Lolita to me is a way to feel like something greater than myself: like a princess. I may not be a lifestyle Loli, I may not knit, or listen to classical music, or collect dolls, however being in a Lolita dress makes me feel adorable, and that I am beautiful, that I am my own princess.

    Lolita is apart of me that shows how much I love cuteness and the fantasy world that I cannot be apart of. But Lolita takes me there, it makes me feel like as if I was in my own fairy tale.

    Lolita for me, means that there can be purity and innocence in a world that isn't as such. There can still be cuteness, even in a young woman. Not just in little girls. Seeing other Lolitas, it warms my heart, and I cannot wait to build a good enough wardrobe so I can feel like a princess, daily.

  3. Lolita is my armour, Lolita is my inpiration, Lolita is my bridge between fantasy and reality, Lolita is simply me.

  4. To me, "Lolita" isn't just defined by the bell shaped skirts, the frills and lace. Yes, it's a very specific fashion with a unique aesthetic; but looking past that, Lolita is everything that we girls decide to call "lolita" and the way it makes us feel: The way our coordinates make strangers turn their heads and the fluttering feeling in our hearts when we try on our first brand one piece... I wear lolita for no other reason than because I love my dresses and how they make me feel like a princess from another world.

  5. Well done, you girls! I can't wait to subscribe to this!

    Lolita, to me, means something very simple. Lolita means freedom. Freedom to be a girl, freedom to be pretty, freedom to be a princess and freedom to dream pretty dreams. Looking at it or wearing it or just being submerged in the culture is like a free passport away from all the ugly things in the world. It's not burying your head in the sand, it's accepting the way things are and making the best of a situation that could be a whole lot worse if not for the frills!

  6. Hooray! Can't wait to see the first edition!

    So, I suppose I will answer the question.

    To me, Lolita is a means of expression. It is- in a way- art brought to life. A fantasy brought to life. It's a beautiful thing that expresses who I am and what I am. With this ability to express myself comes a boost of confidence. Lolita feels ethereal- like a glimmer of a fairytale in my life. Perhaps it's because of this that when I wear my Lolita attire, it feels like I do anything. I can create my own fairytale. A billow in a smithery strokes the flame that tenderly shapes metals into elegent works of art; just so, lolita breathes a dash of magic into my life.

  7. Lolita reminds me there is always more to experience in life. Before we found this style, many of our wardrobes were Jeans and T-Shirts. Looking at these clothes now we see delicate lace, indistinguishable to many from the cheapest trash, yet special in our eyes because we understand it. The perfectly finished seams, the pleats, the laced-up panels, embroidery, appliqué, pin tucks, things often overlooked by normal mass-produced clothing and unappreciated by many.
    If there are so many rich details we've missed in something as unimportant as clothing, just think what the rest of the world holds? Suddenly, Paris, San Francisco and Tokyo become cities we MUST someday visit, Novala's and Francois Amoretti's writings are THE texts to read, and we befriend so many people we would have otherwise passed in the street without a second glance.
    Rather than being something I use to shield myself from all things "other" or "outside", Lolita is how I open my heart to everything I'm yet to discover.

  8. Lolita to me is yet another form of escapism, a tribute to beauty and a way to express myself. The joy of paying attention to all the pretty, little details.

  9. To me, Lolita means seeing all the most beautiful girls I've ever seen. Fashion magazines all look so strange to me, the girls are all sharp, and catlike.
    I know they're all 'beautiful', but I never thought they were very cute.
    Lolita is all about my aesthetic, my ideas of beauty, come to life and portrayed by other girls.
    The second I saw a girl wearing Lolita, I knew I needed to do it. It had been in me all along. I just didn't know my dreams were real.