We're always looking for submissions! If you're interested in submitting anything please contact us at, please include your name (or pen name), age, location, and the URL of your website, if you have one, along with your submission

Glacée is currently on the lookout for:
  • Outfit snaps- Submit a picture of your favorite outfit or a cute and creative group shot from a meetup.
  • Full-length articles- Are you passionate about something within the world of Lolita? Have something you want to say? Do you have a very un-Lolita hobby or career? Do you have the perfect Lolita hobby or career? Do you own your own Lolita shop? We would love to feature a full-length article by interesting Lolitas like yourself.
  • Writing/Art- Are you creative and do the frills and romance of Lolita inspire your art? Whatever your art may be, written, sculpted, inked, painted, or digital we would love to see it.
  • One shot comics- These can range from little one panel stripes, all the way to a couple full pages. If it's got some frills, we're interested in featuring it!
  • Reviews- Do you know of a movie, book, anime, or album that you think your fellow Lolitas would love (or loathe!). Reviews should be between 75 and 120 words. Although, in depth reviews are welcome too.
  • Recipes- Do you always bring the best scones to your meetups? If you have a recipe you would love to share with everyone, feel free to contribute it! A photo of the finished food would be great, but not necessary.
  • Hair and makeup tutorials- If you're big on hair and makeup and know some great techniques for how to make the perfect Lolita hair and makeup, we would love to feature a tutorial by you.
  • Craft tutorials- Do you love to create and encourage others to create? If you've created a tutorial or how to, we would love to feature it! 
  • Historical Essays- It's no secret that Lolita is very much influenced by the past! If you're a history buff with a favorite moment-in-time that Lolita has been influenced by, consider writing an essay about it for us!
  • Opposing view points- Lifestyle vs. anti-lifestyle, offbrand vs. brandwhores. replicas vs. the originals, rules vs. breaking all the rules, the debate rages on! If you feel strongly one way or the other, consider ranting to your heart's content (for approximately 250 words) about it to be featured in our magazine.
  • Your collections- Have a cute, creepy, or interesting collection? Show it off and tell us about it, either in a short 75-120 word blurb or as a longer feature.
  • Fashion mashups- Do you love Gyaru, Fairy Kei, Dolly, Mori Girl, Steampunk, or any other fashion that you like to mix into your Lolita style? Show them off in our magazine!
  • Best thrifted finds- Do you love to hit up yard sales, thrift shops, and antique stores for unique wardrobe additions? Share photos of your best finds with us to be featured in an article.
  • Shop features- Do you run a Lolita shop of your own featuring hand made clothes and accessories? Glacée loves indie designers and we would love to feature your works.
  • Short blubs- Want to contribute something that your fellow Lolitas would be interested in but don't want to write a full length article? We're always looking for short blurbs between 75 and 120 words about a variety of things, we're currently looking for blurbs about: how you discovered Lolita, what Lolita means to you, how you found your own unique style, most embarrassing fashion mistakes, your thoughts on drama (not specific drama, please! Just drama in general), how you mix in Lolita elements into your everyday wardrobe, decor tips, Lolita related pet disasters, and what piece in your Lolita wardrobe means the most to you. 

If you have anything to say about one or more of these subjects, or if you have ideas for anything you would like to see in the magazine, don't be shy! Glacée is driven by reader content and the individual voices within the Lolita community, don't be afraid to share! Email if you're interested in contributing!

    Things to take notice of! 

    Due to printing specs, all pictures will need to be as big as possible, so please submit the largest file you have of whatever it is you're interested in submitting. 

    If you're a writer, we ask that you submit Glacée exclusive content, please don't just recycle blog posts of yours word-for-word! 

    Everything submitted may not make it into the magazine, and some things might be held over for future volumes, we'll be sure to let you know what we plan on doing with your content though!

    While this magazine will be sold, we really aren't making any money off of it. We are planning on selling the print version for as cheap as the P.O.D. service allows us to go and any money that might be made from the PDF sales will be put right back into the magazine in the form of hosting (both future blog/site hosting and the bandwidth for the .pdf files) or a giveaway. So I'm sorry to say that we won't be able to compensate you for anything you might contribute, although those that submit a significant amount (At least 2 full length articles, a full high quality photoshoot, high quality feature art, or an in depth tutorial) will receive full PDF copies for free.