About Us

Glacée is a magazine founded on the simple idea that there needs to be more English language Lolita magazines out there! We're a reader content driven magazine, not one run by a select shadowy few, and that means we're always looking for people to submit art, photos, and articles to feature in future volumes. Glacée is a magazine about the Lolita life, by the people living it!

The name Glacée was coined by one of our founders who, when brainstorming for a name came up with Glacée and said "...because like ice cream, Loli comes in all different flavors and can be mixed, like sundaes", the name was just too perfect and it stuck!

While Glacée is made by many people, it was founded by a handful of Lolita bloggers, artists, and creators, and we're the ones slaving away behind the curtain, making sure people stick to their deadlines, spell checking, editing, and making sure everything's in it's proper place.

Some of us behind the scenes include:
Caro-Chan of F Yeah Lolita
Christina of Ramble Rori
Dalin of La Vida Frills
Erica of Darkly Darling
Lessie of Intravenous Sugar
Lindsay of Pretty Pop
Aly of Miss Lumpy
Rebecca-Emily ~shop pending
Victoria Suzanne of Lolita Charm